Hi gamers, I am Adrian and I’ve been an avid gamer since I was a little child.profile-adrian

I have played all kind of games on all platforms that I could, from SNES to PS4… and, of course, PC.

I’ve always been a console guy due to its “pay and forget” simplicity. But I wanted more games, more graphics, a greater community, mods… you know what I mean right?

So I decided to buy a gaming PC back in 2013 and then I proclaimed my self a member of the PC Master Race. I started off looking for pre-built configurations but all looked way too expensive, so I asked myself: how can someone like me, a college student with a weekend job, buy one of these gaming machines?

After a little research, I found out that people actually build up their Gaming PC’s by parts, paying prices almost HALF of the price compared to pre-built configurations.

I spent hours and hours (sounds familiar?) trying to find out what components were the most suitable for my needs, the better prices, making sure that the different parts were compatible with each other… and of course, that the price fitted my budget.

That’s precisely the motivation behind this blog. I want to help people like you, that want to build his own Ultimate Gaming PC without struggling with technicalities, compatibilities issues, finding best prices, best stores… I will help you to buy the best PC that your budget can afford.

I want to encourage you to build your own Gaming PC. You will only get benefits from it!

  • The games are cheaper than in consoles
  • Almost every exclusive console game ends up coming out on PC
  • The online is free
  • It has the biggest community among all the platforms
  • You can enjoy awesome mods for your favorite games
  • You can upgrade your PC whenever you want without buying a whole new one!
  • PC gaming covers almost the 40% of the worldwide gaming market and growing every year

I’m very excited to help you build your next perfect gaming machine so you can join me in the endless Master Race! If you ever need any feedback or support regarding your future buy or your current rig, I would be more than happy to connect with you.


Founder of PC Master Race Builds
Contact me anytime at adrian/AT/pcmasterracebuilds.com